JzTI specializes in the design of sustainable, fully-inclusive transportation systems, as demonstrated by our two main practice areas: Public Transit Planning and Multi-Modal Street Design.  Please see the Projects page for specific project experience.


Public Transit: Planning of the functional and physical aspects of public transport systems and their interface with surrounding communities.  Sub-specializations include:

Buses and Circulators: Includes service conceptualization; route alignment; operational planning; facility design; branding; interface with surroundings.

Bus Priority and Bus Rapid Transit: Entails the upgrading of bus service to various degrees of traffic separation with the goal of consistent operating performance.

Rail Planning and Stations: Typical activities include: system planning/operations; station layout; station-area development planning; bus/pedestrian/car/bicycle access.


Multi-Modal Street Design: Entails the planning of safe, balanced streets that are accessible and comfortable for all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists as well as cars and buses.  Specific sub-specializations include:

Street Networks: Considers all aspects of street layout and design including: cross-sections; intersection layout; signal operation; parking/access.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation: Specifically relates to the safe accommodation of pedestrian and bicycle movements in multi-functional street contexts.

Traffic Calming: Includes the systematic retrofit of neighborhood and commercial streets to ensure traffic speeds consistent with various types of street-side activity.





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